The Y-Rod - How to Make One
by Joe Smith

For the ones that really want to learn the Y rod from the beginning. Get your Y rods ready.  A willow branch will work or some other tree, ash or elm. Makes no difference for what we are going to do.

You need at least a foot on each side and 6-8 inch end piece. Point the end piece with a pocket knife and trim all the rough spots of the smaller ends. The smaller end should be at least 1/4" to 3/8" diameter and maybe a 1/2 " to 5/8 on the other end.

Sunday evening we will start. I tried to get Jim K to teach this but he didn't want to I guess. He is much better at the Y rod than me. So your stuck with me for now. Do a good job on this and I might even tackle the L rods next.

So get to whittling. Don't cut your self. Try to pick one with the two branches as even in size as you can. PS a Y rod looks like a Y. 



Y-Rod Lesson 1
Y-Rod Lesson 2
Y-Rod Lesson 3
Y-Rod Lesson 4

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